Why Us?

Our Values

Unity & Serving the Nation

At PUTRA, we believe that unity is the strongest value that any organisation needs & only by fostering unity, we can serve those in need better.

That is why PUTRA works towards the unity of Malaysia, for our dear Malaysians and to serve Malaysians. A united Malaysia leads to a greater Malaysia.

Passionate About The Society

PUTRA is driven by ambitious, passionate and authentic professionals. We aspires to become the voice of the everyday people and contribute in the efforts of moulding a more progressive and a fairer Malaysian society.

With our hands-on experiences, especially among the Malaysian youths, PUTRA focuses on social issues impacting Malaysians’ daily lives.

How Are We Different?

Our Way Of Doing Things

Research & Data Analytics

At PUTRA, we believe in the importance of various data collecting methods in determining the most accurate result.

On that note, we are committed in investing our time and knowledge in collecting data to avoid inaccuracy such as sampling bias and also sampling error. Hence, why the following are the best practices we believe in data collection; (1) Surveys; (2) Phone interviews; (3) In-person interviews; (4) Open data; and (5) Government data.

At PUTRA, we are proud with our team capabilities and creativity in visualising our research findings, where we focus on adopting new techniques and honing our skills in this area. By doing so, we believe that it gives PUTRA the edge in terms of research.

Project Management & Operations

At PUTRA, our work is founded from an overarching view of client’s institutional context, sectoral dynamics, sociopolitical history, and macroeconomic environment, in fulfilling the client’s needs.

For this reason, we believe in investing towards our human capital development, where we focus on honing skills and expertise through knowledge development, learning and capacity building. Constant improvements are what we are striving for and for that, we seek best practices from around the globe in improving our services to our clients.

PUTRA believes that investment in knowledge helps to advance the practice of management, which anchors our deliverables for project management and operations towards the highest quality possible & most cost-efficient output production.

PR & Strategic Communications

At PUTRA, we champion the values introduced by Tunku Abdul Rahman and aspires to produce solutions that make impactful changes to the society, in line with Industrial Revolution 4.0 through our research project publications and events executions for our clients and stakeholders.

Through PR and Strategic Communications, we feel that everything has a meaningful story and we are excited to share the story to the world.

We take pride in our grassroots campaigns in the rural areas like FELDA, villages and states that are in need of development; not just focusing on the Klang Valley and developed urban areas.

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