#TILWithPUTRA : Suffering in Silence

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Covid-19 has forced many of us to adapt to a new way of working and studying at home. To many low-income families, it means adopting a less healthy diet which worsens their long silence suffering. Even before the pandemic, low income families were struggling to consume a sufficient diet despite spending more money on it. 

As reported by KRI, households earning below RM2,000 are potentially very vulnerable against economic shocks or emergencies, as they could not save much from their income. Hence, reduced income due to pandemic has forced these households to cut-back their spending on food. 

The latest UNICEF longitudinal study proved their struggle to purchase enough food for their families. Households even rationed food among themselves, substituted heavy meals with snacks and instant noodles, and chose canned sardines and eggs over fish and meat, partly due to higher prices.

While the most vulnerable usually have low health baseline statistics, the unhealthy diets worsen their long-term health conditions and carry greater economic burden in future. Call it survival, but it is undeniably detrimental. 

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