COVID-19 Outbreak & #KitaJagaKita NGOs

With everything seen unsettled, it is important for us to stay grounded and be mindful of the society.

Let us take this time as we appreciate the hard work of our heroes- all frontliners including our local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for doing their utmost in providing the best social services they are able to during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Nobody gets left behind”, a simple yet deep narrative that was uttered by the duly Prime Minister while announcing the Bantuan Prihatin Nasional relief plan a few weeks ago. It sets a great reminder that every layer of the society is deserving of equal concern and help. While the Movement Control Order (MCO) was for the best, it could not be denied that some communities were severely affected in this challenging time.

The B40 and blue-collared workers especially have to go through tough times to make ends meet; whereas some also see homes as their hell on Earth. It was reported that the Talian Kasih hotline increased by 57% during this period (WAO). The anxious feelings of losing incomes, jobs, not being able to feed the family, being abused and a lot of things that happened behind closed doors was exhausting, yet justified.

Having said this, many Malaysians have taken up the challenge to become part of the social change, reducing the gaps and lending their hands without expecting anything in return. With the hashtag #KitaJagaKita, it connotes inclusivity where every person looks after one another. Battling against the invisible enemy requires collective efforts that the government could not pull off alone, hence NGOs have been working tirelessly, and selflessly to this day to make sure that everyone is safe and sound during this quarantine time. Championing different initiatives to help the underserved communities, despite executing on a slightly limited, and complicated work chains- all the impossible were turned possible.

One of the many NGOs that are helping on-the-ground is Warga Prihatin. We are glad to see how Warga Prihatin managed to launch a campaign called “Projek Pelangi” to help in providing necessities for our frontliners. For example, they have distributed face shields and food to support our heroes. For more information, please check out their Facebook page (link).

Not to forget, we are thankful for the initiative coming from #KitaJagaKita team where they gather and share the information of NGOs and government agencies’ services during this COVID-19 pandemic. It will be great if we can lend our hands by donating to those vulnerable people that are in need of help, especially during this MCO period where some were left on unpaid leave and even worse, laid off by their employers. For detailed information, please visit their website at

With regard to this, PUTRA would like to take this opportunity to thank all NGOs for their services and hard work alongside our frontliners. It is on us to do our part to stay at home and practice social distancing – that is the most, and the least that we can do to help contain the spread of COVID-19. Let us show our love for the nation by obeying the MCO, so that, as a nation, we can rise stronger and better than we ever did before.

Tunku Abdul Rahman once said:

“We are all Malaysians. This is the bond that unites us. Let us always remember that unity is our fundamental strength as a people and as a nation”.

Let us stay strong, we are all in this together! #KitaJagaKita

This piece is written by:

  1. Nisa Marsilla, People & Change Associate at PUTRA
  2. Nur Dinie Mohd Fadil, Partner (People & Change) at PUTRA

Featured image courtesy of Warga Prihatin.


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